Wireless Intercom



Wireless Intercom


  • . Wireless audio intercom system can support 100 persons intercommunicating at most.
  •  Using 433MHz public frequency.
  •  Air transfer rate: 256K .
  •  Transmitting Power: < 18dBm, Receive Sensitivity: <-100 .
  •  Strong anti-jamming capability .
  •  Panel with 10 number buttons, a call button and two indicator lights: power indicator light (red), operating indicator light (green).
  •  With coding, Giving code, ID setting functions.
  •  DC5V,or Li-ion battery power supply, Standby Current:3.5mA, Work current:400mA.
  •  Communication distance: about 1-8 floors in building.

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Charge Connect the plug to power source.

Standby status: the intercom always in the receiving signal status, light indicator flashes 4 seconds per time.

Calling intercom

A: Dial the ID number of the intercom you want to call, then press CALL button to confirm, RED light bright and enter calling status.

B: If there is no signal, the calling intercom will sound “di..” 4 times to show no signal and then end calling.

C: If have signal then the call is made

1). If no answer, it will sound “Du…” 15 times then auto exit calling. But the called intercom can answer the call within one minute. If no answer within one minute, calling will end automatically.

2). If someone answer the call, the sound “Du..” will stop, GREEN light on and enter conversation status.

Called intercom

1) If the called intercom receive signal but no one answer the call, RED light on and stop sounding after two “Ding Dong, then enter standby status after1 minute. 2) If someone answered the call, stop sounding and GREEN light on, then enter conversation status.

3)If the called intercom is busy, the calling intercom will sound two “Di..” to prompt busy and return to standby status auto.


When the called intercom hang up, the calling intercom will sound “di..” one time and end the call. The calling intercom can hang up initiatively during conversation to end the call.

Press the CALL button again in calling status:

The called intercom will only sound “Dingdong” two times when is called, you can repeatedly press the CALL button on the calling intercom to make the called intercom sound “Dingdong” repeatedly. The intercom ID number at most with two numbers, when in standby status or ID setting status, after pressing the number button the green light will flash one time to show that pressing button operation is successful (if already pressed the number button 2 times, more operation of pressing the number button will be unavailable, the green light will not flash. Repressing the button after 4 seconds will be available again). Number button pressing operation is available in 4 seconds, if not confirmed by press the CALL button in 4 seconds the ID number record will be cleared.


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Wireless Intercom
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